Founder & Career Coach

Hi, I am Kaylee! I am a full-service, authenticity-driven career coach who knows what it takes. I support motivated professionals in approaching career transitions with intention, building work-life alignment that still pays the bills. 

This is my story! Growing up in a small town on Vancouver Island was less than extraordinary and I soon realized that I was a big fish in a small pond. I wanted to see the world, I wanted to challenge myself, and I ultimately wanted more! I quickly left for the big city of Vancouver, British Columbia which led to my educational pursuits. I completed a Bachelor of Commerce, specialized in Human Resources (HR) with a minor in Psychology at Sauder School of Business, University of British Columbia. It was during this degree, as a Teaching Assistant for UBC's Career Fundamentals course, that I first learned about the art of the job search. 

When I graduated, I originally set out to work in recruitment, training, and change management; helping people find career satisfaction through corporate efforts.​ During this time, however, I navigated my own professional turmoil working within the oil and gas and consumer packaged goods industries. I realized that internal HR efforts were not always what they seemed. Over a period of five years, I transitioned through multiple organizations and have seen the inner workings of many internationally recognized companies such as PepsiCo, Imperial Oil, Shell, and CNRL.

One unforgiving fall, I was working in Fort McMurray on a fly-in-fly-out schedule when I realized I wanted more balance and control of my work-life. This led to the ideation of KH Career Coaching and I set out to help others find a sense of purpose and alignment within their careers. Shortly thereafter, I obtained the Erickson Certified Professional Coach (ECPC) designation in 2018, specializing in virtual and online coaching through web conferencing platforms like Zoom and WebEx.

In the meantime, life threw me a curveball and an opportunity arose to pursue the Master of Business Administration (MBA) program at the University of Calgary. I hit the pause button on KH Career Coaching to focus on this big educational endeavor. Today, I am back, and even more equipped to help others reach their full potential and career goals. I have leveled up, adding sales and marketing know-how to the job search process.

My career coaching model specializes in your job search journey and finding happiness within your career. I am committed to values-based decision-making and solution-focused coaching practices. Put simply, this means you are in the driver's seat and your authentic needs are put first, no matter what. I will always assume that you have what it takes to reach your potential, and this approach empowers clients to win at every step in the process! 


Dedicated to the core values that I call the "3 C's" (communication, collaboration, and creativity), I am here to facilitate your success. I combine this coaching philosophy with a “selling yourself” attitude backed by industry experience. This two-pronged approach creates a flexible and tailored environment to help unlock the answers within you and foster results.

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​Overcome career dissatisfaction and build a life you love! I cannot wait to work with you!